Consumer Alert

Do not purchase Revaléskin® from unauthorized dealers

Revaléskin®‘s goal is to ensure your complete satisfaction, and to accomplish this, we highly recommend that when ordering Revaléskin® products online, ONLY order from a Revaléskin® Website Partner. Ordering from Revaléskin® authorized distributors and websites ensures product authenticity, quality, integrity and customer satisfaction.

Ordering Revaléskin® products from “unauthorized websites” allows potential for several risks:

1. receiving improper and/or incorrect product advice
2. receiving outdated, damaged, tampered with or abused stock
3. not receiving products and having limited or no recourse

In addition, unauthorized websites may sell counterfeit products that are not even true Revaléskin®-branded products.

We strongly discourage you from purchasing from the following “unauthorized websites”:

• (Skin Care Spa Products, Glowing Beauty, Why?Skin, Health and Beauty Products, Online Store, CompleteSkinCare, Skin Reflections, BestBeautyBargains, AFL Fulfillment, My Better Skincare, Iderma, New Skin Treats, Perfume Guru, Lejepekv, Pricefalls, Best Price Depot, Crescent Tradings)

If you have any doubts about a website that offers Revaléskin® products, please be sure to contact us directly for authorization.